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About us

In 2008, we decided to embrace the natural, health texture of our hair, by eschewing harsh chemical treatments and damaging tools. Like many black women new to the “Naturalista” movement, we educated ourselves by watching YouTube Vloggers, reading blogs and trying out different hair tutorials. Over time we learned more and more about the amazing complexities of our curly, coily and kinky hair. Yet, these bloggers/vloggers often insisted that we needed a large array of products and numerous steps to care for our natural hair. It seemed to us that this process could be streamlined with one clean product that both styled and supported the health of our hair.

After completing a certification course in Natural Product formulation with Joan Morais Naturals and referencing The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, we started developing our multifunctional creams. We further consulted Whole Foods list of acceptable ingredients for natural products to ensure that our ingredients met industry standards. Firmly grounded in the science of textured hair, we created NATURAL SPLENDOR Curl Conditioning Creams, offering naturalistas an all-in-one product to simplify the daily care of their hair. We launched our curl conditioning creams at The World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show in Atlanta Georgia on October 12,2013 in two formulas: “Lightly Coiled” and “Tightly Coiled. “

Our conditioning creams meet the needs of a wide range of textured hair, providing a leave-in conditioner, curl definer, moisturizer and styler all in one jar. NATURAL SPLENDOR eliminates the stress and confusion of taking care of natural hair. It’s easy and it works.