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Natural Splendor Shipping Policy                                          

  • Outbound shipments will take 1-3 business days for fulfillment and 2-5 days to arrive at the customer’s specified location.
  • Packaging will consist of various sized cardboard boxes (USPS or custom), an insulating wrap, a shipping label and packing list (enclosed).
  • We ship using USPS First Class (for single units) and Priority Mail (for multiple units). Other means (FedEx, UPS) may be utilized to fulfill individual orders, at the company’s option or customer requested special (expedited) service.
  • Every effort will be made to minimize cost, but never timeliness or quality. In general, we make use of USPS for these reasons: Time vs. Cost, and ease of use.

 From time to time, we will offer reduced or free shipping, usually related to a special sales event (holidays, 2-for-1, etc.).  The same policies as above will be honored.

In the event that an order is returned as undeliverable, we will make an effort to contact the buyer for more information. If no contact is possible, we will cancel the order and refund the purchase price. Should the error originate in our mislabeling or packaging, there will be no additional charges to re-send the order. If the customer-supplied instructions are at fault then, at our option, we may charge a fee, no larger than specified by the original order, unless expedited service is requested by the buyer.